NATIONAL HF 6/4 Horizontal Automatic Hot former - Same as HATEBUR AMP 70
Serial number: 29501

YOM - 1980, Rebuilt – 2004

Forming sections: 4

Press capacity: 1200 ToF

Max outer diameter of piece 120 mm

Max. bar diameter: 65 mm

Length for cutting: 45-140 mm

Stroke of ram: 381 mm

Stroke of cutting arm: 254 mm

Stroke: 40-70 /min

Weight of piece: 0.4-3.1 kg

Height of the press: 3200 mm

Technical documentation: yes

Spare parts are as follows:

Electric engine 1 piece Adjustment wedges 2 pieces
Superior pliers 1 piece Inferior pliers 1 piece
Die mass clamping piston 1 piece Break belt 1 piece

Weight: 180 To

In the URB bearings plant from Brasov, with National 6/4 it used to be made bearing rings, maximum outer diameter Ø 120, for oscillating bearings with balls, radial bearings and tapered rollers bearings, from bar steel 100 Cr6 (Max. Diameter of bar 65 mm), with the maximum weight of 3.1 Kg. Also on this machine it had been made cardan crosses.

For this machine we have tools for 58 types of bearings, as follows:

- from 1210 to 1216 - from 6408 to 6410
- from 2210 to 2212 - from 6308 to 6314
- from 2308 to 2310 - from 30210 to 30218
- from 6211to 6217 - from 32210 to 32218

Moreover, we also hold complete technical documentation for all types of bearings’ rings mentioned above and drawings for main component parts of the machine.
The machine is in a very good functioning condition; it is almost like new. And you can try it on site!
At client’s request, we can assure technical specialists who will give their support in putting the machine in functioning condition in client’s factory.
The machine is equipped with distilled water cooling system and, its electrical transformer to provide electrical power required for induction heating system.